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Design+ research= happy


Lightweight research & iterative design to make your users happy.

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Delightful designs that solve real problems: that's what makes happy users.

A collaborative, communicative designer who can help with the whole process... from idea, to research, to design (and more).

Is that what makes you happy right now? 





User Experience research

User research can be fast and effective.

Empathy for users starts with conversation. Want to learn how to do user research for software products or ideas? We can do that by working together. 

Or, we can just do the work for you. (We like both kinds of projects!)

Thoughts on user research >




Visual Design

UX/UI designers exist. (We call it "full stack design".)

We can help you with the full end to end journey of designing a product - from the early idea right through to making it beautiful. We think and we make. Wireframes, screens, user stories, and conversations with engineering teams.

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 Workshops & Facilitation

Co-design, ideation, goal setting, or something else completely.

From an hour to a few days, every workshop is custom-designed for your needs. Get in touch to discuss how we can help. 

We also run educational workshops >




Coaching & mentoring

Got a snag in your user-centred design process?

We've coached teams from enterprises and startups in Silicon Valley-style, lean, agile, user-centred design.

We consult with teams of designers, product people, and engineers. We help iron out common issues in software and product design processes.


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