Nicola Rushton
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Design+ research= happy

Full-stack product design consulting

Lightweight research & iterative design to make your users happy.

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Delightful designs that solve real problems: that's what makes happy users.

A reliable, collaborative freelance designer who can help with the whole process... from idea, to research, to visual design (and more).

Is that what makes you happy right now? 





User Experience research & design

Empathy for users comes from communication, and results in delight.

I start by having conversations. With you, and with users. Through conversation, we can build empathy for users' lives, needs, pains. With empathy, we design experiences that are truly delightful.

I run focused design sprints in person, do remote user interviews, and create all the UX outcomes you're used to: wireframes, user journeys, usability audits, personas. 

Read some of my writing on UX >




Visual Design

Looks are important when your product needs to stand out from the crowd.

My background is in graphic & visual design, and I still like making beautiful things - especially apps and websites. 

Here's some of my visual design work.




 Workshops & Facilitation

Co-design, ideation, goal setting, or something else completely.

From an hour to days long, every workshop is custom-designed for your needs. Get in touch and we'll discuss how I can help. 

I also run educational workshops >




Coaching & mentoring

Want to learn how to run fast, focused user research sprints?

I've coached teams from Service NSW, Telstra, CoreLogic and startups in Silicon Valley-style lean user research.

That means speaking to the smallest number of users to get valid results, focusing on answering one question at a time, and moving forward fast.

My specialty is working closely with a team to empower them to continue to do research, long after our engagement is complete. 

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