Nicola Rushton
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Design without research 
is risky. 


Full-stack product design consulting

I use lightweight research & fast design to help you create things people love (and buy).

Plus, I teach lean user research. 

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Nicola says:

Hi! I'm a product design consultant based in Sydney, Australia (usually). For the last ten years, I've worked with clients large and small to make their customers happy with delightful designs that solve real problems. I've been lucky to work with clients and startups including Telstra, Alibaba, Square, Service NSW, Bigcommerce, UPS and more.




MY Services

Agile Design team coaching

Where does design sit in an agile team? 

I work closely with product teams to build focused and lean UX practices that work. This means working together to learn and run user-centred research, iterate on products, prototype and validate ideas.

I also coach designers on product thinking, Agile practises, and practical research, and work with teams on their feedback, communication and reflective practises.




For Early-stage startups

You have an idea. I'll provide a structured (and practical) framework to validate your market, identify which users to target first, and establish a user-centred focus in every person on the team. Master the art of product research, whatever your background. 


For later-stage products

Is there something not working quite right with your product? Is it the design, the copy, the usability, or is it something else? Let's find out using a focused research and design sprint. 

I also consult with product teams who are looking to improve on product research practices. Whether it's validating new ideas, ironing out usability issues, or identifying the next features to focus on, we'll work together to understand your users and bring the team along for the ride. 



Product Design (UX/UI)

Apps, software products and experiences - I'll work with your team to create a delightful user experience with a beautiful interface. And more importantly - solve real user problems and drive adoption. 

I'm not in the business of making screens for you, throwing them over the fence and leaving you with no idea why decisions were made or where to go next. Let's collaborate closely and create something together. 




Custom workshops, full day, half day or shorter, for your team or event. Example topics: 

  • Customer research for non-researchers
  • Lean UX 
  • Demystifying "product" 
  • Where does design fit in an Agile practise?
  • Empathetic and effective team communication
  • Retrospectives
  • and more... 

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Educating & speaking

Selected publications

The Startup - Nobody is going to steal your startup idea - Level up your user interviews - Stop doing user interviews. Start having conversations. 

UX Planet - How to make your resume as user-centred as you are

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Selected speaking engagements

Lean Startup Sydney - How to get HONEST feedback from your users, Jan 2018

Web Directions Summit - Designing Team Culture: Why Good Retros Make Great Teams,  Nov 2017

Sydney UI/UX - October 2017

Code Creators Sydney - The Design Life - September 2017

General Assembly - The Road to Code for Creatives - Aug 2017