Your startup idea might be perfect. Or it might not. 

Are you risking the world - your time, your money, your savings - to build something that may or may not be successful? 

That's where startup research comes in. At the end of this book, you'll know how to confidently run cheap, easy research with the right people, and understand how some of the best startups in Silicon Valley validate their ideas, prioritise their features, and most importantly of all - build the right thing. 

You'll learn that:

  • Research reduces unnecessary risk
  • It's all about listening - right
  • Telling yourself the truth is hard work

Read the work-in-progress sections here. 



About Nicola Rushton

Why is research so important? (A story) 

Who should be doing research?

Whats the idea?

      What problem are you solving? What pain are you alleviating?

      Goal #1: Identifying a pain point 

Who's your user?

       The proto-persona

       Identifying your early adopter (and why that's a good idea)

The conversations

      Finding the right people to talk to

      Generative user research

             The conversation guide - good questions

             Listening skills workshop - the real practise

             Field work

Spotting patterns

      Where does it all go? 

      Cadence and continuing 

Validation research

      Testing execution: Prototypes

      Testing ideas: The experiment 

When is the idea validated?

Staying on track: Iterating and questioning

      Retrospectives for products and teams 


Mindset tips

     The entrepreneur vs the artist: How to balance the two competing passions

      Being real with yourself: Reality check

      Your community: Finding collaborators, mentors and confidantes

      Team communication and iteration