Tech talks @ Pivotal Labs 

Organiser, June 2016 -> present



I coordinate Tech Talks @ Pivotal Labs Sydney, a weekly lunch and learn meetup. We're at almost 4000 members, as of August 2017, and have talks for 150 people every Tuesday lunchtime. We host talks on four main topics: design, business, technology and diversity.


We've seen awesome growth and have built an amazing community together and we often gain up to 350 new members per month. 

I attribute our popularity to several factors: 

1. We're committed - we host a speaker almost every Tuesday.
2. We're varied in our content, so appeal to a fairly broad spectrum of people within the tech space, and we get a different subset of our members depending on the topic of the talk. 
3. We have great content. We make sure our speakers are awesome, and we're mindful of diversity, giving a platform to people with different backgrounds and points of view.

We host speakers on topics from 4 main areas of interest: Product designProduct managementSoftware engineering and Diversity & Inclusion in the tech industry. 

I love hosting events and being a part of the design and tech community in Sydney. It's such a good way to meet people, get involved and give back to the community. 

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