I love to help people get from idea to product. Sometimes that means research, UX design, visual design, or something else. Often, it’s a delicious mixture of them all.


Some of the things I’ve helped clients with:

  • I did the UX/UI design for a complex survey creator platform for market researchers.

  • I ran research for Atlassian on GDPR features, and helped research and design this.

  • I hosted a six-part interview podcast for UKO, a co-living space.

  • I coached a product team at Telstra on Agile product design process.

  • I kicked off research and product design for the new Service NSW Digital Driver Licence app.

  • I worked with Lexicon to explore the market need for a fintech startup idea, and created an MVP prototype.

  • I designed Postfacto, a retrospective app that grew to thousands of regular users.

Here’s a preview… but you should download the PDF for the good stuff