All workshops are tailored to your team and your immediate requirements, following a consultation on your most immediate needs.

We can help with educating teams on user research (including non-designers, engineers, or non-researchers), running kickoffs, scopings, facilitating, and any number of events where you may need an external UXer to facilitate. 



SAMPLE workshops:



Better listening at work: for managers, team members and humans

Do you ever wish your team was better at communicating with each other? One of the most important keys to communication is skillful listening.

This workshop takes the team through three structured, empathy-based listening and feedback structures that can be easily replicated by the team in future.

Key takeaways

  • Active listening techniques and open questions
  • How to have more effective, kinder retrospectives.
  • Practice giving and receiving feedback.
  • Mindfulness and emotions in difficult conversations

Who’s it for?

Managers, leaders, team members and anyone who wants to be a better communicator.


Make your resume as user-centred as you are! 

Your experience is great, but is your resume telling your story as well as it could? 

This is an interactive workshop to get a resume from blah to "we need this person!" Bring your resume and laptop and you'll walk out with a resume to make you shine. 

Best with small groups. This is based on my article for UX Planet.

Designing team culture: Good retros make great teams 

Retrospectives are deceptively tricky. Through my work as the designer of, I talked to hundreds of people about their team's retros. There are many ways they can go wrong, and many ways they can devolve into something that isn't providing the value it could.

This workshop is tailored to your team and based on where you're at, from we've never done a retro before to help, our team hates retrospective!  

  • Learn how to do retros
  • Masterclass on retro facilitation
  • Common pitfalls of retros, and how to avoid them
  • Tailored retro practice consultation: show me how you do retro and I'll help improve it