The Future of Living

A podcast by UKO + Nicola

In 2018 and 2019, I hosted a six-part interview podcast for UKO, a co-living space in Sydney.


Ep #1: Ashkan Mostaghim: “Shower under a glass ceiling”

Ashkan Mostaghim, Director at Mostaghim and Associates, discusses all things architecture. Ashkan is an award winning designer and architect who has led varied projects for nearly 20 years. Originally hailing from Iran, Ashkan provides a fascinating and historical account of human spaces and what improvements can be made for a better society.


Ep #2: Matt Vernon - “The CEO of Internet World”

Matthew Vernon is a freelance designer based in Sydney. Matt is a designer in the purest sense; from concept right through to brand and product delivery. He has helped build prototypes and launches in Corporate, Not for Profit and for Start-ups. Most exciting is Matt’s new cryptocurrency Dappboi: one token for one hour of Matt’s time.


Ep #3: Alex Gorbunov - “Don’t click the malicious button”

Alexander Gorbunov is a Russian Cyber Security consultant to the Australian Finance Industry. Alex has a PhD in Information Security and shares unexpected ways to actually stay safe online and discusses the ethical implications of online identities.


Ep #4: Aileen Gemma Smith - “Data is about humans too”

Aileen is the CEO of Vizalytics, a company which uses data to help make better worlds for humans. Aileen’s company founded the Knowledge Graph which provides powerful consumer insights with location-specific mapping showing user intent at a given point, in a city or building. Aileen is passionate about building better communities.

Ep #6: Cecilia Macaulay - “Dream for the future”

Cecilia is a legend in the permaculture world, and someone who spends a lot of time thinking about how spaces and places can be better for humans. She helps clear spaces of clutter, design beautiful self-sustaining gardens, and build communities inside of homes. We talked about the connection between UX and permaculture, about designing for connection and for humanity.